Elena Perez is the author of The Art of Disappearing, the eerily exciting debut novel about a teen artist whose life is turned upside down by a seemingly psychic event.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Elena discovered a love for writing early on. She majored in English as an undergrad and was then awarded a graduate fellowship in Creative Writing from Temple University. She lived in Philadelpep-writerhia while she completed her M.A. and taught writing courses until she decided to make the long-anticipated leap to New York City.

Elena moved into a tiny East Village apartment and took a job as proofreader (where she wrote her first novella) and then as a Wall Street technical writer before she dove into the NYC tech start-up scene. She nurtured her creative side on weekends and in unnaturally early morning hours—writing short stories, short films, poetry and lyrics. It wasn’t until she completed The Art of Disappearing that Elena decided it was time for a bigger audience.

Elena moved from NYC to Los Angeles, where she lives with her husband (also a writer) and dog. She is currently at work on her next project and welcomes distractions at @elenaperez.